Uncategorized September 17, 2019

How to Get a Mortgage

In this episode of the Miami Real Estate Podcast, interior designer Debbie Travin shares her three keys to home staging success to make your listing more appealing to potential buyers. She also tells us about the latest trends in interior design and decor that will add some “wow factor” to your home (or your listing). Enjoy the episode, and then give Debbie a call for help with your interior design project! 

About Debbie:

A mom, designer and CEO all-in-one. Growing up in the world of haute couture, her career in fashion led Debbie to discover her passion for interior design and eye for detail. When Debbie and her husband bought a home in Scarsdale, NY, they completely reconstructed the property with the help of an architect. After Debbie completed the interior design,  their architect would use the home as a model for clients, but when the clients attention quickly shifted to the interior design of the home rather than the structure, and also receiving media interest, Debbie knew she had to turn her passion into a career.  She went on to attend The New York School of Interior Design before launching DLT Interiors in 2010, which has become so successful they are now expanding into their second market, South Florida.

To get in touch with Debbie or learn more about DLT Interior, call 914.582.9170 or visit www.dltinteriors.com