Uncategorized October 3, 2019

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Taxfyle, a Miami-based tech startup heralded as the “Uber” of the tax accounting industry, is the latest example of how the Sunshine State’s tax incentives and today’s gig economy benefit South Florida residents, businesses and workers alike. In this episode, Taxfyle CEO and co-founder Richard Lavina explains why these tax benefits are helping South Florida attract, grow and nurture more and more companies like his. We also talked about how Taxfyle works and how users can spend less time worrying about taxes and more time enjoying life.

During the conversation we talked about: 

  1. The tax benefits of living in Florida?
  2. The benefits of starting a company in Florida, specifically South Florida?
  3. Is Miami a good place for raising funds as a startup and ultimately a cheaper place to utilize those funds?
  4. What is Taxfyle? And how did it become the “Uber of Taxes?”

About Richard Lavina:
CEO & Co-Founder – TAXFYLE 

Upon graduating from the University of Miami in 2009, Ricky went on to work at a local CPA firm in Coral Gables before being hired as an auditor at PwC. While working at PwC, he obtained his Master of Accounting from FIU and was struck by the inspiration to start Taxfyle. Since then, Ricky has taken Taxfyle from a simple thought to a venture-backed startup that has one of the Big Four accounting firms as a client.

TAXFYLE, is one of the most downloaded tax apps on the Apple store every year.  It’s often described as the “Uber of Taxes” as they have 1300 licensed CPA’s available through their app available at any moment to do your taxes.  But they also do so much more. They are the secret weapon of some of the largest accounting firms in the country that want to shed their old school ways and be more modern for our tech centric world.  Those companies use TAXFYLE, their app, their network, and their ideas to change the pace and output of their organization. Taxfyle has gone from a small idea, to a now 40 person full time staff based in Coral Gables, FL.  Founded by two Miami natives, Taxfyle is shaping the future of work by retooling the world’s multibillion-dollar professional services industry, changing how services are delivered and who they are performed by.  You can learn more at taxfyle.com. CEO Richard Lavina is literally leading the charge of the future of work.  A task that used to take months and cost thousands (“taxes”) can literally be done in hours and cost hundreds.  It’s why TAXFYLE is one of the most talked about Tax apps/companies in the country.