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In the minds of most, Miami means beach scenes, neon-lit Deco hotels and thumping nightclubs in the core of South Beach. And for good reason—it was the most vibrant scene in town for decades. That’s all changed. These days some of the best finds in the city lie in pockets outside the normal tourist haunts. In this episode, American Way Magazine editor-in-chief Bill Kearney breaks down the Magic City’s most dynamic areas, and how to enjoy them.

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About Bill:

Bill Kearney is the editor-in-chief of American Way magazine and editorial director overseeing Celebrated Living and Nexos. He began his media career in New York as a television producer with Barbara Walters at The View, going on to work as both a writer and field producer for various outlets, including the Food Network, Fine Living Network and National Geographic International.

After a transition to print and online journalism, Bill launched the Miami edition of online men’s magazine Thrillist.com, and worked as a freelance journalist with national and international publications such as Wallpaper*, Food Republic and Sport Fishing magazine, as well as contributing to the Miami Herald and penning cover stories for the Miami New Times. Prior to leading the American Way team, Bill was the deputy editor of Ocean Drive magazine for four years. 

About Us:

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